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Online CPIM Courses

IPICS have introduced Online CPIM course for CPIM Version 8.0. These online interactive meetings will be delivered in the evening time by an APICS recognised Instructor.

Earning the APICS CPIM demonstrates mastery of an organization’s internal operations and an in-depth understanding of materials management, master scheduling, forecasting, production planning and how it applies across the extended supply chain.

The online Certificate in Planning and Inventory Management (CPIM) courses are built on pre-course homework, this is a pre-requisite to be able to actively participate and deepen knowledge.

The online classes cover the complete CPIM Version 8.0 course, facilitiate discussions among students and allow them to clarify topics related to the actual class.

In 2023 the CPIM Part 1 course and exam, and the CPIM Part 2 course and exam, are being replaced by CPIM Version 8.0 course and exam. The new CPIM V 8.0 is bringing together the CPIM Part 1 and Part 2 courses and has the added benefit of just one exam to achieve your Certification in Planning and Inventory Management.

CPIM Version 8.0 covers the following modules:
Module 1:  Align the Supply Chain to Support the Business Strategy
Module 2:  Conduct Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) to Support Strategy
Module 3:  Plan and Manage Demand
Module 4:  Plan and Manage Supply
Module 5:  Plan and Manage Inventory
Module 6:  Plan, Manage, and Execute Detailed Schedules
Module 7:  Plan and Manage Distribution
Module 8:  Manage Quality, Continuous Improvement, and Technology

The CPIM Version 8.0 Online Course on Mondays and Wednesdays, and another CPIM Version 8.0 Online Course on Tuesday and Thursday evenings to include the following:

  • Twenty three two-hour online webinars from 7pm to 9pm Dublin / London time for CPIM Version 8.0 by an officially recognised APICS instructor, the first Monday and Wednesday Course starts on Wednesday 3rd April 2024, and the first Tuesday and Thursday Course starts on Tuesday 2nd April 2024 for 12 weeks
  • APICS CPIM Version 8.0 e-Learning System
  • APICS CPIM Version 8.0 Learning System Books
  • APICS CPIM Version 8.0 Instructor-Led Student Slides
  • APICS Dictionary App can be downloaded to your smartphone
  • Online e-Learning System Instructor-led slides
  • Online e-learning System download of reading materials to your iPad or Google Play Books
  • APICS CPIM Version 8.0 e-Learning System:  Over 2000 practice questions, Pretest and Posttest, Reporting track progress, Section Quizzes, Case Studies, Glossary and Flashcards, Practice exams –  emulate the weighting and timing of the computer-based exam format, Resource Center includes a complimentary download of APICS CPIM Exam Content Manual, Mobile and Offline access to reading modules, study tools and resources, Online access for one year
  • Online supply chain simulation activity is used to achieve a good understanding of supply chain trade-offs and achieve a positive return on investment (ROI)
  • Class size minimum of 5 to a maximum class size of 15
  • Course price is €2550 per course participant, plus Joint ASCM / IPICS Membership of €160
  • The purchase of APICS CPIM Version 8.0 Exam Credits is €970 each for ASCM / APICS / IPICS Members and €1330 each for non-Members, ASCM / APICS / IPICS Membership is €160, APICS Exam Credits and Membership are not included in this Online course price.

We also offer the CPIM V 8.0 as a Course Bundle at €3580, this includes Learning System, Participant Workbooks, Student Slides, Exam, 2nd Chance Exam and Joint ASCM / IPICS Membership, this is a saving of €100 and a free retake exam.

CPIM Version 8.0 Online course dates are shown in the following link:

CPIM Version 8.0 – Online Course Dates April to June 2024

CPIM Version 8.0 Online course agenda is shown in the following link:

CPIM Version 8.0 – Online Course Agenda March to June 2024

CPIM Version 8.0 Online course flyer is shown on the following link:

Online CPIM Version 8.0 – Certified in Planning and Inventory Management

CPIM Version 8.0 Exam Content Manual is shown in the following link:

CPIM  Version 8.0 Exam Content Manual

CPIM Success Stories: My Story by Leanne Power, CPIM, CSCP and others

CPIM Version 8.0 Course video:

Here’s an overview of the IPICS Online Courses for CPIM Version 8.0, CSCP and CLTD:

For any enquiries about our CPIM Version 8.0 Online Course please contact Elaine at admin@ipics.ie

Edith M Gordon is the APICS Instructor for the CPIM Version 8.0 Online Courses.  Edith has considerable experience as a Supply Chain Consultant and APICS Instructor, Edith’s Bio is in the following link:

Edith M Gordon Bio

Online CPIM Courses instructor Edith M. Gordon

Terms and Conditions of the Online Courses:

  • CPIM Version 8.0 Learning Systems / Course Materials are non refundable should a participant decide not to participate in the Online Course
  • This product is non transferrable and non refundable
  • Unused hours will be forefeited

Register Now:  Contact Elaine at IPICS today  at 01 902 3729 or download the course registration below.

Download Form

*Please note course prices do not include exam registration fees or membership.*


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