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Why get a Supply Chain certification?

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Studying for and obtaining an APICS certification is a major positive step you can take in the development of your career. To help guide you on the journey, this section aims to show why an APICS exam will be of benefit to you and also how you can go realising your potential by becoming Certified

The two primary courses you can undertake are CPIM and CSCP. To help evaluate which is applicable to you:

  • CPIM (Certified in Production and Inventory Management) covers the operational management inside your organisations four walls, is extremely relevant for any candidate working in a manufacturing/planning environment, is the proven industry standard qualification, is very detailed in specific areas. Requires 2 or more years of experience.
  • CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional) covers the end-to-end supply chain from first supplier to end customer, the only certification of its kind. Covers the supply chain from a more holistic perspective and is ideal for supply chain professionals seeking to understand how the entire supply chain works focussing on areas such as cash flow. Requires 5 or more years of experience (or 2 years with a Bachelors degree).

Why become Certified ?

  • APICS certifications are the industry standard qualification for Supply Chain Management, equivalent to legal or accounting body qualifications
  • Many organisations stipulate APICS qualifications as a base entry requirement, so being certified will help you get past initial screening processes at top Irish & Multinational companies
  • Industry qualifications are transferrable across companies and shows a base level knowledge & capability which isn’t easily shown from your CV alone
  • You will learn interesting details which will be directly applicable to your existing work, increasing your capability to come up with ideas and deliver benefits to your organisation
  • Gives you a shared language & understanding of terms and processes that underpin operations & supply chain management
  • Gives you confidence to push your ideas as they are supported by over 40 years of success via application throughout the globe
  • Improves your credibility within your organisation
  • The topics are interesting and will result in you looking at the world through a different lens
  • Opens you to a network of counterparts who have also undertaken/completed an APICS course


Specific Functional Areas Covered

  • Production & Operations management
  • Inventory management
  • Supply Chain management
  • Demand Planning
  • Procurement
  • Supply/Materials management


How to study and become Certified

There are essentially 4 ways you can undertake the study

1.      Individual Study: Here you buy the exam content and study yourself at your own pace & time. You can then book exam dates directly. This approach allows the greatest flexibility yet requires a lot of dedication & relies on your ability to cover to topics without any support if you have questions

Available Courses

2.      Classroom Study: Here you buy the exam content and sign up for a series of instructor led classes. This is a great way to undertake the exams as you have a set structure, an instructor who will take you through the content & answer questions, and meet colleagues to share ideas, building your network as you study

Available Courses

3.      Distance Learning: If attending a regular fixed location is not possible, then here you buy the exam content and can get assistance via an instructor virtually. This allows a lot of flexibility and ease of attending classes

Available Courses

4.      Group Learning: Many companies facilitate the training of a group by inviting in an instructor. This has benefits as you can step through the content with work colleagues and apply what you learn directly to your day-to-day. If not something that is in place existing, suggesting to management/HR may help pushing the agenda of supply chain training in your company.. to your benefit

Available Courses

There are a number of options to take the next step on any of the course types, the best is to contact IPICS directly who offer best prices due to having APICS Premier Channel Partner status (link to IPICS email)

In Ireland, there are APICS channel partners who specialise in running courses with experienced expert training, they are Leading Edge, Western Management & IPICS Education. Courses are also held in the University of Limerick (UL) and the Institute of Technology Tallaght (ITT). See details below for more details on each of these providers

APICS Channel Partner



All exams are multiple choice exams, and all are now provided by Computer Based Testing (CBT).

For CPIM, there are 5 exams covering each of the 5 topics. On Passing all 5, then the candidate is Certified in Production & Inventory Management.

For CSCP, there is one 4 hour exam, on passing this exam, then the candidate is a Certified Supply Chain Professional.

Those with APICS & IPICS membership enjoy reduced prices for exams. Exam credits are bought via IPICS, with candidates then booking their exam in one of the CBT centres within the exam windows.

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Benefits of IPICS membership

There are many benefits to membership of IPICS in addition to the base certification. IPICS is looking to develop a functioning network of supply chain professionals

  • Reduced prices on APICS content (manuals, workbooks, exams)
  • Regular updates to members
  • Access to IPICS networking events
  • Members jobs postings
  • Charitable/Social Responsibility opportunities via IPICS supported initiatives
  • Opportunity to contribute to the Industry in Ireland by joining the IPICS management council
  • Reduced cost for APICS sanctioned events

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