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Computer Based Testing……Stop Press

IPICS is aware of the need to improve the availability of exam slots with the introduction of Computer Based Testing. We are working with APICS and PROMETRIC to increase the provision of exam sittings around the country and will update once progress is made.

New APICS CPIM Recertification Exam—Limited Time Only

In early January, APICS will launch registration for a new recertification exam available only to APICS designees with suspended and expired certifications. The exam will be offered February–December, 2014, throughout the globe on an on-demand basis. This is an excellent opportunity for suspended and expired CPIM designees to reinstate their certification by taking one exam instead of the five normally required. The price is the same as one CPIM exam and an Authorization to Test will be needed.

Streamlined Certification Maintenance

Starting 2014, designees will be able to maintain their certifications using a simpler process. While maintenance requirements remain the same, designees will no longer be required to report detailed maintenance activities to APICS in their maintenance application. Instead, designees will only be required to submit documentation if they are audited by APICS. In addition, applicants will be immediately notified if they will be audited or if their application has been accepted. These improvements are designed to simplify the maintenance process and encourage more designees to maintain their hard-earned certifications.

Coming Soon—Certification Verification

In order to comply with industry best practices for publicizing certification credentials, APICS will introduce online certification verification beginning summer 2014. Prospective employers and other stakeholders will have a simple, easy way to verify certification status through the APICS website. This new option will elevate the credibility of APICS certification in the marketplace and protect the value of the credential for  designees.

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