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Customer Focused Supply Chain Management

Focus your entire team on the most important part of the Supply Chain

Customers add value to the Supply Chain, this course is focuses entirely on servicing them

While this course can be taught to entry-level supply chain professionals, the real value of this seminar to supply chain professionals is in:

• Improving collaboration and decision-making across corporate functions/silos

• Raising the profile of supply chain managers within the corporation

• Enabling supply chain teams and the organization to better meet customers’ needs


This seminar is designed to provide foundational information about supply chain management to staff who support the supply chain.

• Executives • IT • Finance • Sales and Marketing

• Human Resources • Customer Service • Engineering

• Legal • Purchasing


Customer-Focused Supply Chain Management is designed to:

• Generate interest in supply chain management and APICS products and services from a broader range of professionals within corporate organizations

• Provide APICS partners with a wedge product for selling their services to corporations

• Expands APICS’ reach into the corporation beyond the tradition operations/supply chain silo!


If this is a topic that you feel needs to be addressed in your organisation, IPICS can facilitate these excellent courses. Please contact us to find out more