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Global Sourcing Workshop

Global Sourcing & your team

Procurement more than any other part of organisations today are trending to be more Global than Locally in focus

This four-module series has been designed in recognition of the demand in the marketplace for education about the critical tasks and challenges associated with sourcing internationally

Business professionals who are responsible for (or have staff members who are carrying out) international procurement and supply chain activities will benefit from this training. This focused series will be useful to global managers who are responsible for import/export, operations management, purchasing, production and inventory control, human resources, or logistics functions. Also benefiting from this knowledge would be marketing and financial managers who want a better understanding of supply chain strategy and the choices involved with supplier alliances. Key supply chain partners such as freight forwarders, logistics services providers, technology experts, and customs managers will find this course to provide a sound background and knowledge base for a competitive performance analysis of the activities that add value as perceived by the customer

Global Sourcing: Executive Overview (6-hour stand-alone workshop)

Global Sourcing: Introduction (4-hour introduction to in-depth workshops) Now more than ever, the importance of doing business successfully on a global scale is a strategic issue. The ever-changing climate of international commerce and trade presents a constant challenge for organizations to choose the best ways to organize (both logistically and financially), partner, and execute effectively. The ultimate goal becomes controlling costs while providing essential goods and services throughout a wide-reaching supply chain network. Organizations need skilled operations management and supply chain management professionals to keep their businesses favorably positioned throughout their markets.

The Executive Overview and Introduction cover the following topics:

• Recognizing advantages and disadvantages of global sourcing • Selecting criteria for evaluating countries

• Selecting logistics partners, addressing supplier qualifications, and determining supply chain stability

• Finding resources for researching cultural differences • Evaluating a supplier contract

• Listing considerations for opening an international procurement office


The main content areas cover these topics:

Global Sourcing: Global Suppliers

Global Sourcing: Cultural Relationships

Global Sourcing: Logistics Requirements


A thoroughly interesting course and a must for any company interested in building purchasing/procurement knowledge within a team who operate on a global scale

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